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heres some random facts just to brighten your day


Thats me the short one, hence the nickname Elf, I know just lookin at me its hard to believe im 18, but oh yes I am. Katy's on the left, erin and then wibbo

Snoball '01


This is my skanky roommate Laura. Apparantly we ALL need to keep the bathroom clean, its been quite unpleasent lately. hahaha

K, i made a webpage for everyone to stay in touch, with pictures and stuff like that, so send me your pictures and go look at what the site looks like

Look at the new page!!

My name is Jodi (Jod) and I am a freshman at Michigan State, woo hoo!!! And like I said before, I got REALLY bored so thats why this page is here



click on Sparty to hear th MSU fight song



I am OBSESSED with tropical water!!!!

These are my softball friends Go emeralds, haha. Haky, chrissie, me, and jessie, kellys missin though, shes in here later


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